Handle N’ Care Guide



Step 1: Fill a basin with water, grab your garment, and 2 ounces of laundry detergent of your choosing
Step 2: Add your garment to the basin filled with water
Step 3: Add all of your laundry detergent to the water
Step 4: Lightly agitate the garment in the water for 6 -10 minutes
Step 5: Rinse your garment until the water runs clear of bubbles
Step 6: Hang your garment up to dry using a hanger for best results



ALL fabric creations MUST be HAND-WASHED under cold water and hung to dry to ensure its longevity.

I can not stress this enough!


The beading and/or tassels are very delicate and WILL be destroyed in a washer and/or dryer, as the high heat will melt the beading and/or shred it apart. Even on delicate settings!


NEVER iron or steam a lace or fur skirt!


Iron upholstery skirts ONLY on light settings and avoid hitting the tasseled/beaded trim.
Suspenders have leather loops that can not touch water, but the fabric can be hand washed on them.


DO NOT take your item to the dry cleaners.


I promise you can do a better job yourself! You got this!



Our epaulettes and parasols are zinc plated steel hardware that can easily be hand wiped with a rag using an at home cleaning solution using equal parts vinegar and water.