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Our Story

Rachel Hough founded Valerian Projects on February 23, 2021 in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Valerian Projects is a festival fashion brand that symbolizes elegant and sexy Victorian designs with a dream to become the leading festival fashion brand of modern wook attire for the bass community. 

Rachel has steered her brand with intentions of repurposing and upcycled materials through thrift stores, friends and family, free scraps, small business fabric distributors, and local fabric distributors.

Valerian Projects was heavily influenced by memories of childhood: World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, 1800s/70s/y2k fashion, BRATZ dolls, festivals, Cher, your grandma’s couch, and comic books.

The more Rachel dived into music, artists, festivals, visual artists, performers, painting, tinkering, and sewing the more she started to feel connected with others who were like minded, and who wouldn’t want to intoxicate themselves with an environment so encouraging and uplifting?

xoxo, Rachel Hough
Valerian Projects